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Here at the Balanced Health Hut we honour your treatment time by providing a supportive, safe, confidential and nurturing environment. We offer an intergrated approach of holistic care by creating a bespoke treatment plan for your needs. We believe in giving you the tools to empower you, conquer limiting beliefs and support you on your journey to health and wellbeing while getting to the root cause of your health symptoms.

Siobhan Carrig TASK DIP ASK, ITEC is a Health Practitioner of Systematic Kinesiology, Nutrition, Reflexology, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Specialised Reflexology, Bach Remedies and Cranialsacral techniques. Siobhan combines modalities in order to deliver the best possible outcome for your health emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Siobhan’s commitment to providing you with up to date techniques leads her to continuously study in Complimentary health. She is a member of ASK, Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council CNCH- the governments department of health recommends that you always consult with a CNCH Practitioner, DBS checked and Fully Insured.

I am a member of ASK and CNCH

Photograph of Siobhan Carrig, Owner of The Balanced Health Hut

Siobhan offers 1-1 private health consultations to prevent, create balance and support a range of symptoms and conditions.

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Image of a woman lying on a couch with Siobhan Carrig using kinesiology to support her


Kinesiology is a body language where we use muscle testing to determine the root cause of your symptoms taking the guesswork out of healthcare.


Image of Siobhan Carrig treating a client with reflexology


Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the principle that the entire body is reflected in the feet and hands. There are energy zones and reflex areas that relate to every part of the body.


Image of woman lying on a couch with Siobhan Carrig using her hands on the head and abdomen to provide emotional and hormonal support

Emotional & Hormonal Health

Emotional Health is becoming more of a discussed topic. Here at the Balanced Health Hut we incorporate a number of techniques into your treatments to help improve your emotional wellness.


Image of a foot with hands holding reflexology points to support fertility


Here at the Hut we have welcomed many new babies. We have found the most successful outcome is when both partners come along for a combination of kinesiology and Reflexology.


Image of a woman slightly sitting up having reflexology for pregnancy


Wonderful, you’re pregnant, many congratulations. Here at the Hut we love supporting this special time in your life. Happy calm Mummy creates a Happy Calm Baby.


Image of a lady lying down whilst Siobhan Carrig has a hand on her upper abdomen and arm providing kinesiology for digestive health

Digestive Health

Here at The Balanced Health Hut we offer Candida and Parasitical cleanses and in depth digestive programs along with Food Sensitivity Testing that will allow your gut to be soothed and be healed.


Image of Siobhan Carrig with her hands on the shoulders of a lady lying down to help reduce her stress

Stress Management

Work, family and general life demands can sometimes feel a little out of our control leading us to feel stressed. Here at the Hut we work on reducing stress levels by ensuring you relax and give you the tools to implement into your daily life.


Image of a foot showing reflexology being given for Cancer Support

Cancer Support

Undergoing Chemotherapy and radiotherapy may be the most challenging time of your life. Here at the Hut we provide a nurturing confidential environment to support you through this process.


Image of a lady lying down with hands hovering above as she is treated with reiki to support her wellbeing


Prevention is better than cure and maintenance is everything. If your Health is in a good place, let’s celebrate that and keep it there. Monthly sessions are recommended and my absolute aim with all clients is that we get you to this stage. 


Feedback from my Clients

“Without Siobhan’s wonderful reflexology during chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer, I know my journey would have been so very different. She made me feel better mentally and physically and was always prepared to go out of her way to help me. It is hard to find such a caring person who is also very professional and knowledgeable. I continue to have reflexology and kinesiology 18 months later and couldn’t imagine my life without them now. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Siobhan.”

“‘Thank you for introducing me to kinesiology. After just two sessions with you I no longer need a shoulder operation. My consultant is very interested in kinesiology and feels it should be available on the NHS. I’ll continue to have kinesiology as my digestive health has never been better. I’m amazed by your commitment and passion for your work.”

“Thank you Siobhan for supporting us in trying for a baby. I had no idea that I was still holding onto my past hurt of my miscarriage , you helped me come to terms with the loss and make room for a new child to come into our lives. Before meeting you I thought IVF may have been the only root to make our dreams happen.Thank you for making our dreams your priority supporting me nutritionally and emotionally through our journey. Now very excited awaiting the arrival our son.”

“Thank you so much for helping me prepare my mind and body for birth. You helped me look after myself and believe in my body. I had the most perfect birth and labour. No pain relief and I was home with my beautiful boy in just a few hours.”

“Siobhan is a wonderful and gifted reflexologist and you feel completely safe in her hands. Siobhan has a lovely relaxed and calm way about her that puts you instantly at ease; she is receptive and sensitive to your needs and always goes that extra mile to make sure you have the best treatment possible. I thoroughly recommend having reflexology with Siobhan.”

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