Stress Management

Work, family and general life demands can sometimes feel a little out of our control leading us to feel stressed.

When we are stressed we may not perform usual tasks as well as we usually do so work performance may decrease and pressures increase.We may not sleep as we wake up with an endless list of things to do. You may not be able to focus on tasks and may even start to suffer from panic attacks. This is due to high cortisol levels in your body and adrenaline running high.

“Siobhan is a wonderful and gifted reflexologist and you feel completely safe in her hands. Siobhan has a lovely relaxed and calm way about her that puts you instantly at ease; she is receptive and sensitive to your needs and always goes that extra mile to make sure you have the best treatment possible. I thoroughly recommend having reflexology with Siobhan”

Here at the Hut we work on reducing stress levels by ensuring you relax and give you the tools to implement into your daily life.

“Siobhan is a kind, caring practitioner who goes the extra mile for her clients. I have suffered from Migraines for as long as I can remember but thankfully not anymore. Kinesiology helped me discover that my body was holding onto a lot of emotional trauma from the past. Siobhan helped me process this and by following her suggestions I now feel a lot lighter, positive and Migraine free.”

“I would just like to say how impressed I am with the service given by Siobhan. I am an anxiety suffer or shall I say was, don’t get me wrong I still have it from time to time. But the reflexology that I have been having is helping tremendously. The treatments provided are amazing; Siobhan does not just give treatments but takes your feelings, emotions and concerns all in one. Her advice is always helpful, she is very knowledgeable in her work, and explains everything very well. I have recommended the treatments to my friends as I feel they have helped me come along way. Reflexology is amazing I come out of the treatment calm and relaxed I would really recommend this to anyone. It’s a perfect way to end a stressful week.”

Booking Policy

Individual treatments will be charged at time of Booking.

Less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded.
More than 48 hours notice fee can be transferred onto new booking.

Should you have a treatment package a session will be deducted off the relevant package. Sessions within a package are non transferable and are for sole use and not for family members.

Waiting List
I will always endeavour to see you ASAP. The above should allow for the cancellation list to be more utilised.

Please email/text me if you do not see what you require and we can pop you on waiting list. Please note it is easier to move an appointment than create one so please book yourself an appointment and we will move this forward should an appointment become available.

Treatment Packages

Emotional & Hormonal Health

Image of woman lying on a couch with Siobhan Carrig using her hands on the head and abdomen to provide emotional and hormonal support


Image of a foot with hands holding reflexology points to support fertility


Image of a woman slightly sitting up having reflexology for pregnancy

Digestive Health

Image of a lady lying down whilst Siobhan Carrig has a hand on her upper abdomen and arm providing kinesiology for digestive health

Stress Management

Image of Siobhan Carrig with her hands on the shoulders of a lady lying down to help reduce her stress

Cancer Support

Image of a foot showing reflexology being given for Cancer Support


Image of a lady lying down with hands hovering above as she is treated with reiki to support her wellbeing