Prevention is better than cure and maintenance is everything.

If your Health is in a good place, let’s celebrate that and keep it there. Monthly sessions are recommended and my absolute aim with all clients is that we get you to this stage.

Regular balances through Kinesiology and Reflexology allows the body to feel supported and function at its optimum .

So many of my clients including myself can’t remember the last time we have needed to visit a GP all because our bodies are actually working, pathways are cleared and correct Nutrition is in place to enabling self healing.

“I initially visited Siobhan for Reflexology for relaxation and well being, but she offers many more treatments.  She has a wealth of knowledge about the body and has been correct in diagnosing all my niggles.  Siobhan has also used kinesiology techniques and helped with my fear of flying and I flew 3 times last year with no worries.  I always feel calm and relaxed after a treatment and am in awe of her knowledge.  I would have no trouble in recommending her.  Siobhan truly cares about her clients and her treatment room is warm and welcoming.”

Booking Policy

Individual treatments will be charged at time of Booking.

Less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded.
More than 48 hours notice fee can be transferred onto new booking.

Should you have a treatment package a session will be deducted off the relevant package. Sessions within a package are non transferable and are for sole use and not for family members.

Waiting List
I will always endeavour to see you ASAP. The above should allow for the cancellation list to be more utilised.

Please email/text me if you do not see what you require and we can pop you on waiting list. Please note it is easier to move an appointment than create one so please book yourself an appointment and we will move this forward should an appointment become available.

Treatment Packages

Emotional & Hormonal Health

Image of woman lying on a couch with Siobhan Carrig using her hands on the head and abdomen to provide emotional and hormonal support


Image of a foot with hands holding reflexology points to support fertility


Image of a woman slightly sitting up having reflexology for pregnancy

Digestive Health

Image of a lady lying down whilst Siobhan Carrig has a hand on her upper abdomen and arm providing kinesiology for digestive health

Stress Management

Image of Siobhan Carrig with her hands on the shoulders of a lady lying down to help reduce her stress

Cancer Support

Image of a foot showing reflexology being given for Cancer Support


Image of a lady lying down with hands hovering above as she is treated with reiki to support her wellbeing