Negativity and Immunity

Ever find yourself being pulled into somebody else’s negativity? How does it make you feel? Drained, exhausted, consumed ? All of this has a negative impact on your immunity too.

Now we all get days when things don’t go to plan but trying to remain neutral may bring the best possible outcome to your health. I’m sure we all know people who have lots of things wrong with them and to be honest I usually find it’s the way these issues are addressed depends on whether people get well or not.

Do you know anyone who constantly complains? Are they always unwell?

I recently spent some time visiting in hospital and came across people I thought only existed on comedy sketches, truth is it wasn’t funny at all. People that were so unhappy with life they wanted to make everyone around them unhappy too – a very sad existence considering we have one life. Whilst this may sound very judgemental of me I saw with my own eyes how this constant cycle of complaining and negativity was making them unwell. As they compared their health complaints defining themselves by past hardships the more they coughed and needed oxygen. Not surprising as the negativity was suffocating.

So what can you do to help boost your immunity

  • Life happens and dramas come with it, try seeing the dramas as challenges to overcome.
  • Distance yourself from negativity, not always easy especially if family members or close friends but ask yourself do I feel better or worse when I’m in their company. Put your health first.
  • Do you have a friend that can’t wait to tell you about how the car broke down ,the boiler broke and the kids have been fighting and forget to ask how you’re doing, consider how this friendship benefits your health.
  • Be in touch with nature ,walk, breath in the fresh air, appreciate the trees, notice the daffodils and first signs of Spring.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Eat well, rainbow colours and lots of greens not forgetting carrots for vitamin A.
  • Rectify any nutritional imbalances by supplementing, give your body the chance to keep you well.
  • And off course regular treatments may help keep those pathways clear supporting your immunity.

Deal with emotions as they arise, sweeping them under that carpet suppresses overall health.

Stay Happy and Healthy