Endometriosis: Supporting you to thrive

Easing endo pain with holistic therapies

For many women, discovering endometriosis is the root cause of their pelvic pain, difficulty conceiving and low mood can feel very daunting. Yet, with so many natural therapies able to ease painful symptoms, it’s empowering to know you can thrive with the condition.

There are 1.5 million women living with endometriosis in the UK, but as symptoms vary so wildly and conventional medicine takes years to diagnose sufferers, many more of us are suffering in silence.

So what exactly is it, and how can holistic therapies offer support?

Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition that causes tissue, similar to the lining of the womb, to start to grow in other places, like the ovaries or fallopian tubes. This disturbance to our body’s natural process can cause painful symptoms, which can range from mild to severe.

Women of any age can be affected by endometriosis. Some of us might experience tummy pain, pain in the back (pelvic pain); fatigue; pain during or after sex; heavy periods, period pain that impacts your daily life, and even difficulty getting pregnant.

Coping with pain, feeling out of balance hormonally, and like your daily life has been disrupted, can make us feel understandably low. And for some, this might lead to depression as we try to cope with the level of imbalance.

When treated conventionally, women suffering with endometriosis might be recommended surgery, hormone treatment, and medication to reduce the pain. But as these treatments rarely look at the ‘whole picture’ of our unique bodies, we’re left needing more.

This was my experience: 
From the moment I had my first period I have suffered with immense pain. This improved once I discovered holistic therapies particularly reflexology. I had many scans and investigations most of which came back normal but my periods weren’t normal infact at times they were more painful than labour. The pain left me in bed for 4 days a month unable to function. With regular reflexology the pain improved that I was only affected 2 days a month and with nutritional changes and kinesiology it was just 1/2 a day that I was out of action.

Now I have a high pain threshold and this was confirmed with my recent operation. The consultant had found a lot of endometriosis when she had to open me up. This had never been picked up in any ultra sounds or MRI’s..now Adenomyosis had been detected some 4 years ago but not endometriosis. 

Thankfully, holistic therapies are offering widespread, tailored relief to endo sufferers. As we’re able to look at the root cause of disruption and your body’s natural rhythm, we can offer women a way to live and thrive with the condition.

At the Balanced Health Hut, we might explore treating symptoms with reflexology and kinesiology. In reflex, we relieve the organs most affected in your body by endometriosis and use acupressure points to bring ease, relaxation, and relief. We’ll then explore minimising key areas of inflammation; breaking down scar tissue and fluid build-up.

While in kinesiology, we’ll work to better understand how endometriosis is affecting you on a deeper, more intrinsic level. From the private and supportive space at The Hut, we’ll look where the physical symptoms lie and how they might be eased, while balancing this with how you’re feeling emotionally. We might also suggest nutritional support to help your body further on its healing journey.

Treating endometriosis from a ‘whole body’ approach allows us to realise the unique nature of our bodies. While endometriosis affects so many of us, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. And by working in this way, we’re able to soothe our bodies into a relaxed state, where our own individual needs and imbalances can be realised, and for inner healing to begin.

So if your gut feeling is that you are showing symptoms of this debilitating condition. Come along to the Hut we have lots of experience to help you.

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