Coming Back To You In 2022

It’s so great to be back working with you all this year. I’ve always known how important health is but as you know it’s been highlighted to me in a big way over the last couple of years and especially at the end of last year. To have independence in your own wellbeing is not only empowering, it’s debilitating when it’s not possible. In order to live at our optimum, we can no longer be passive in our own health. When I was so incredibly unwell, I was so grateful for the tools I had in order to help myself, my family for the love and time they gave me but the real turnaround for me was in my mindset. I remember saying one day ‘I’m not doing this sick thing anymore’.

Now as a Kinesiologist it is so very common to attract clients that are going through similar symptoms or times in their life that we too have experienced. You see that’s how we really help, that’s how we can be empathetic to your journey. In clinic, I am really seeing clients that may be a little anxious about changes around them and in their day-day but when we talk it through, there’s a sudden calm in The Hut as we realise there’s no need to fear the changes as all we are doing is Coming back to you. So, as we take a breath and realise that’s the most natural thing, we feel happy, excited and thankful as of course that’s the only thing we can do is ‘Be Us’.

Holly Willoughby recently spoke about how Kinesiology helped her find her true self. Like us all, we can get wrapped up in our careers, roles as a parent and demands of day-day life. I invite you to pause, listen and honour your path. If you’d like help doing this, I’m here, coming back to you is always worth it!

2022 is a year for feminine energy, a time to embrace you and step outside comfort zones. It’s here we step into real growth. I read recently don’t live the same year every year and that truly resonated with me so I hope it does with you too!

How can you find your way back to you?

Remember the things you used to love doing, embrace the little things that make you smile

Make connections with people that make you feel happy, assess how you feel when you’ve had communication with someone, do you feel tense or happy?

Explore new experiences, you may find something fun.

Don’t wait for anyone, it’s your life make it happen!

Journal what’s in your mind.


Your intuition is always right, trust the process. Intuitive thoughts are calm and rational whereas intruding thoughts are hectic and consumed with fear.


When something is right when we feel relaxed and at home, we are coming back to us. I often ask clients to visualise a situation and just breathe, can you feel tightness anywhere or can you take a long deep breath.

Listen to your body it tells you exactly what you need and how Come back to You!


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