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The Summer Solstice is calling on you to shine, are you listening? As we celebrated the summer solstice last week, the doorway to the second phase of the year was opened – but just what does this opportunity mean for you and your wellbeing? The summer solstice, also known as the longest day of the […]

The ‘M’ Word….

…Managing Menopause Naturally I regularly see clients in the Hut how are finding the symptoms of menopause difficult to manage. They want to find ways that support the body naturally through this process, however, the symptoms make ‘normal’ life difficult. In my blog ‘7 ways to support your body through menopause’ I talked about some […]

12 Days of Christmas Wellness

As we enter December, it is so easy to forget to look after ourselves as we get caught up in all the expectations, so here are my 12 Days of Christmas Wellness to help you feel calm and in control ahead of Christmas Day.   Day 1 Breathe Calm the mind breath in for 7, […]

Our Amazing Thyroid

Thyroid problems are notoriously common in the UK and go undiagnosed for many years. Many clients that come into clinic report a ‘Normal’ blood test result. This, as we know, can be frustrating when we know that we have been feeling exhausted, lack concentration, have dry skin, hair, weak nails, poor immune system and so […]