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The ‘M’ Word….

…Managing Menopause Naturally I regularly see clients in the Hut how are finding the symptoms of menopause difficult to manage. They want to find ways that support the body naturally through this process, however, the symptoms make ‘normal’ life difficult. In my blog ‘7 ways to support your body through menopause’ I talked about some […]

12 Days of Christmas Wellness

As we enter December, it is so easy to forget to look after ourselves as we get caught up in all the expectations, so here are my 12 Days of Christmas Wellness to help you feel calm and in control ahead of Christmas Day.   Day 1 Breathe Calm the mind breath in for 7, […]

Our Amazing Thyroid

Thyroid problems are notoriously common in the UK and go undiagnosed for many years. Many clients that come into clinic report a ‘Normal’ blood test result. This, as we know, can be frustrating when we know that we have been feeling exhausted, lack concentration, have dry skin, hair, weak nails, poor immune system and so […]

Siobhan’s Story

I thought it was time to share my story of how I moved from my corporate role to creating the ‘Balanced Health Hut’… “I worked for many years in the city in financial services and started to realise there was a need to change direction. 12 hour days while being a mum was no fun. […]

Why you need to find time to pause…

How has 2018 started for you? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the demands on your time? Do you wish you could say no? Are you finding very little time for you? Do you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? If your answer is YES to these things […]

How Much Are We In Control?

Whatever stage of life we are in, whatever time of year it is, there may be many things in our life that we are not in control of. The only thing we can control is how we respond to them. So how do we respond better to things out of our control? I was reminded […]

The Two Most Important Supplements For Your Body

As you all know I’m passionate about empowering my clients to take responsibility for their own health and well-being and something that’s helpful to understand is ‘Why we need to support our diets with good quality food supplements?‘ So I’m going to take you through the two most important supplements that in your bodies opinion […]