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September…time to get back to routine

If you have children then you will know only too well how daily life seems to turn on its head over the long Summer holidays. For some of you this will be fantastic and a time to relax and enjoy long lazy days with the children, however I know that for a lot of Mum’s […]

Phobias: Fear of Flying

Many people suffer from fears and phobias. Some of these may be so debilitating that they stop you from enjoying life. If you are in the 10-20% of the population who suffer from a fear of flying, life can become much more stressful when you are planning that well deserved holiday.  You may also find […]

7 Ways to Support Your Body through Menopause

Often called ‘the change’ due to the fact that it is related to a change in a women’s hormonal levels, all women will experience the menopause. This natural process may cause women to not only experience unwanted physical symptoms but also to feel different emotionally. Many clients I see feel anxious about the process of […]

The Art Of Being Busy

How many times do we find ourselves saying ‘I’m too busy!’ I’m the biggest offender here so it got me thinking is Being Busy a distraction technique of disconnection – we are all busy and can all fill every second of every day if we choose. Taking time out can be hard as we work […]

Positive Ways to Improve Depression

Depression can be one of the hardest conditions to live with, as so much of the pain you are feeling is hidden inside. It is often easy to paste on a smile for others but what pain does that smile disguise ? As Spring starts the lighter nights often bring happier emotions and many can […]

The Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland is located in the neck and its shape resembles a butterfly. It plays a critical role in the body by ensuring that many cells are functioning correctly. Two hormones are produced by the thryroid gland – thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). Many people suffer from a thyroid imbalance years before it’s diagnosed. […]

The Importance of Good Quality Supplements

Supplements are a great way to bring balance to your body, however choosing the right ones can be difficult.One of the best ways to determine which supplements are for you is with a kinesiology balance. One mans vitamin C does zero for the next, your body may want to receive a supplement in different forms. […]

How good is your digestive system?

Did you know that 85% of overall health is determined on how good our digestive system is working for us? Symptoms such as Migraines, back pain, shoulder pain, skin problems and fatigue mostly lead back to your digestion. Possible causes of constipation include… Not drinking enough Food sensitivities Holding onto the past including emotional pain […]

Why is the Pituitary Gland so important?

Your first question on reading the title of this blog post might be what is the pituitary gland. The major endocrine gland, a pea-sized body attached to the base of the brain that is important in controlling growth and development and the functioning of the other endocrine glands. (Oxford Dictionary) The pituitary produces hormones that […]

Are you suffering from adrenal fatigue?

The most recognised form of adrenal fatigue is Addison’s Diesease which is not surprising given this is the most extreme form. However low hormone levels caused by depleted adrenal glands can result in a huge range of everyday symptoms and holistic therapies can help to relieve these. What are the adrenal glands? The adrenal glands […]

How to Protect your Energy

Energy is all around us – our bodies need it to function, our home needs it to run appliances, it is in the atmosphere to enable us to access wi-fi and use our mobile phones and it is a powerful force of nature. But what is energy, the Oxford Dictionary has these definitions The strength and […]