Phobias: Fear of Flying

Many people suffer from fears and phobias. Some of these may be so debilitating that they stop you from enjoying life.

If you are in the 10-20% of the population who suffer from a fear of flying, life can become much more stressful when you are planning that well deserved holiday.  You may also find yourself avoiding promotions or taking on jobs that may require overseas travel as your fear has so much control over your life.

A fear of flying may be linked to a number of triggers most of which are what might happen rather than what is actually happening. Fear of flying may be a general and distinct phobia itself or can be as a result of other phobias such as acrophobia (fear of being at a great height) or claustrophobia (a fear of confined spaces). In clinic I’ve found that experiencing grief where  we may have felt that we had no control may trigger a phobia. Whether your anxiety about flying is direct or indirect, both the emotional and physical symptoms result in your body entering fight or flight mode.

Symptoms such as dizziness, pounding heart, nausea/vomiting, trembling or shaking, feeling like you are choking; are quite common those suffering from phobias and can be quite frightening and embarrassing.

Most phobias may be traced back to the first experience where for whatever reason you felt unable to cope. Being able to identify what may have triggered your fear is the first step in being able to move forward. You may not realise where it first began but don’t worry we can identify that through Kinesiology.

In kinesiology we only work within safe boundaries so whatever it is you are scared of we will work in stages to get you confident again.

At the Balanced Health Hut a ‘fear of flying’ is so incredibly common and with kinesiology techniques may really be a thing of the past. Just imagine how you will feel when you start booking those lovely holidays and don’t let fear control you!

During your treatment we access the mind on a subconscious level. This will help reset old memories of your phobia and give you coping techniques.

In the meantime- try this!

Tap stomach 1
Tap this point quite firmly about 30 times each side. This may help reduce fear being held in the stomach.




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