September…time to get back to routine

If you have children then you will know only too well how daily life seems to turn on its head over the long Summer holidays. For some of you this will be fantastic and a time to relax and enjoy long lazy days with the children, however I know that for a lot of Mum’s whilst they love spending time with their children they crave a little alone time and are well and truly ready for the return to school and routine at the end of the Summer holidays.

As we enter September it is a great time to focus on ‘you’ again, so here are a few tips on getting back on track and embracing the new routines that come when the children return to school:

  • Get organised – if your house looks like a tornado, now is the time to have a clear out. This is very therapeutic for the mind too as we make space for the new. Go through each room and really think about the things you have in there. One great way to decide if you keep or part company with an item is to hold it and ask yourself ‘why do I keep this?’ – often we hold onto things because they have sentimental value, but in reality they have served a purpose and are just cluttering up our space and our minds. Often schools are starting to plan for Autumn and Christmas fayres so you can donate all of those unwanted toys, games and books, making space.
  • Time for you – book yourself a treatment, arrange a coffee date with a friend or just go shopping in peace. Make sure you give yourself some time to relax now that you have a few more hours to yourself. As I always say you can’t pour from an empty cup, so topping up on your resources allows you to be the Mum you want to be, no time for feeling guilty here!
  • Exercise – I’m sure we have all eaten one too many ice creams over the Summer break, so use the extra time you have now the children are at school to get back into your usual exercise regime. September is great as the weather is still good enough for you to be outdoors and spending time walking in nature can help feed your soul.
  • Meditate – if you feel like your head is ready to burst with all the chatter from the holidays. Find some time each day to meditate and allow your mind to calm. I’ll be doing a lot of this from October onwards so please feel free to ask for tips.
  • Record your holiday memories – spend some quality time with your children after school to make memory boxes or books containing photos and treasures from your holidays. This not only helps children with the transition back to school, but also allows you all to reconnect at the end of the day.

I hope that everyone’s transition from Summer to back to school goes well and I’d love to hear any other tips you have on making it a smooth one.

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