Connect With The Elements For Mind, Body And Soul

Nature exists within us and all around us, here’s how to make more time for it.

There’s a real feeling of connection and inner peace when we spend time outside.

From the breeze on your skin; to the architecture of the ground under your feet; to the sights and smells all around… And when we’re lucky, the warmth of the sun on our face.

We know that time in nature has a profound effect on us, body, mind, and soul. And time spent in the elements can remind us of how interconnected we are with Mother Nature herself. According to a recent study by the University of Exeter, people who spend just two hours a week in nature were substantially healthier and happier in their lives.

So how can we maximise the potential nature has to nourish us from the inside out? And, importantly, make more time in our busy lives to be outside?

Our inherent need to be in nature is rooted in our primitive beginnings when we evolved in response to nature around us. In those simpler times, before technological distractions and the constant ‘busy-ness’ of today’s culture, the sun, the moon and the seasons were our guide to living intuitively.

We might feel the stirring of this deep-rooted intuition when we crave the outdoors for some headspace. When things feel hard or challenging, many of us head to the sanctuary of the forest for a walk, or feel called to hear the lapping of the waves on the shore.

These experiences remind us that we’re an intrinsic part of nature’s rhythm; the longer we spend soaking up the beauty and quiet, the clearer our body’s messages become to interpret.

Everything in nature is made up of the five basic elements: earth, fire, water, air, and space. In kinesiology, these five elements correspond with the subtle and physical body, with the levels of each and how they correspond with one another a good indicator of imbalance.

Sensing into our inner landscape and the body’s life energy can help us bring our bodies into good health. The more time we spend outside, the more we connect with not only the wider world around us, but our body and mind too.

Rather than seeing it as another job for the ‘to-do’ list, adding it into our week in a practical, considered way can ensure we feel nature’s benefits without any added stress.

You might start by taking your morning coffee out into the garden and connecting your feet with the earth.

Breathing in the freshness of the morning air and observing the sensations for a few moments. Perhaps setting an intention for how you’d like to move through your day, be that with ease and compassion for what’s ahead.

And instead of spending your lunch break at your desk, ensuring you get outside to move and breathe can act as a way to decompress and find some valuable headspace.

Time outdoors isn’t only a great adventure. It can also help us connect both inwardly and outwardly. Planning a hiking adventure with friends in a beautiful place is a great way to not only take in the landscape, but have some uninterrupted, quality time.

There’s so much to explore outdoors too. Why not try something new, such as an open water swim with a friend who’s up for the challenge, and feel the benefits of the cold water therapy. You could set a day aside each month to explore a new beauty spot, or commit to a long walk.
Interestingly, when we’re soaking up nature’s balm, we often feel more comfortable and open in our conversations, connecting us more deeply in our trusted relationships.

Much like in many holistic practices where we work to attune back to our natural states, the grounding sense of nature can remind us of our passions and desires.

Alongside your treatments at the Balanced Health Hut, time outdoors can help connect more deeply with what you might be internally processing or planning.

I’d love to hear about how you’re adding in more green time in your life next time you’re in. I’ve included some pictures from my own recent adventures in the great outdoors to hopefully inspire your next adventure – rewilding yourself for the benefit of your mind, body and soul.

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