Leaky Gut: what is it and how can it be repaired?

Leaky gut sounds pretty horrible.  What it basically means is that the wall of your intestines are no longer as tight as they should be.  This can cause undigested food to leak into your gut and cause discomfort.

What are the signs/symptoms?

Some of the signs or side effects experienced when suffering from leaky gut are:

  • Sensitivity to food
  • Bloating
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches

The main cause is poor diet or stress although there can be other factors such as toxins and hormone imbalances.

Can it be repaired?

The good news is it can.  The easiest way to repair a leaky gut is with diet.  Cutting out harmful foods such as sugars, dairy and grains and replacing them with foods such as fatty fish, steamed vegetables and grass-fed meats.  Coconut products are also great for healing the gut together with seeds such as flax and hemp.

If you been diagnosed with leaky gut or think you may be suffering from any of the symptoms above such as feeling bloated, have loose bowels, suffer constipation, Crohns, hernia, suffer wind, sugar cravings, yeast infections or even have a skin problem all these symptoms fall under the umbrella of an imbalance in the gut.

85 % of overall health reflects our gut health so it’s such an important factor to get right.

Here at The Balanced Health Hut we offer Candida and Parasitical cleanses and in depth digestive programs along with Food Sensitivity Testing that will allow your gut to be soothed and be healed.

This is what Michael had to say about his experience

“I’ll continue to have kinesiology as my digestive health has never been better. I’m amazed by your commitment and passion for your work.  After 4 years of extreme digestive problems and seeing many consultants, I am completely amazed how kinesiology has changed my life. Siobhan detected that I had a food sensitivity to Wheat and advised that I take various nutritional supplements. I felt completely different after one treatment and after three I felt like I had a new body. Thank you Siobhan I had forgotten what it was like to feel well.”