The Feminine Power Is In Full Bloom This March

Can you lean into the softer side of yourself?

There’s a delicate, energetic balance constantly at play in our bodies. We might feel it in the quiet whispers telling us to slow down, to go more gently with ourselves. While in other moments, feel a real passion to achieve; to do more.

Leaning into our bodies’ call to go with the flow is a hallmark of our feminine energy. And this month, as we celebrate Mother’s Day (March 27) and International Women’s Day (March 8), is the perfect opportunity to awaken the creative, intuitive side of our nature.

We all, regardless of gender, possess a delicate balance of masculine and feminine energies. These opposing forces, yin, and yang, sun and moon, are reflective not only in the natural world around us, but in our internal one and its need for balance.

The practice of kinesiology shows us that the body always has the answers. It helps us tune into both the loud and the more subtle conversations our body is having with us, so that we can restore its natural balance. For many of us, that might mean acknowledging both our ‘doing’ energy, and the energy within us that requires us to simply ‘be.’

But when modern life champions productivity above all else, many of us find it’s only when we hit exhaustion that we listen more intently to the softer voice of our feminine side.

Nourishing both our desires and our need to be free, creative, and take pause, might be something we uncover in our kinesiology and reflexology practices. And often we can look to the caring, Mother figures in our own lives to see the power of this more subtle energy.

Much like a Mother preparing to give birth to her child, there’s a call to pause, to be more quiet. We might ‘nest’ or watch loved ones in this time of preparation, as they get ready for a time of quiet inquiry. When we were little, we might have felt this nurturing energy in quieter moments with our loved ones; in a supportive hug or a hushed conversation.

In our adult lives, we tap into the feminine power when we do something spontaneous that brings us joy. We might meditate, walk, do yoga, journal; take out a sketchbook. For women, our monthly cycles are a call to pause, to take stock, before feeling our creativity reawaken.

And later in life, during the menopausal phase, there is time once again lean into a new energetic shift. Therapies like reflexology, kinesiology and reiki can help us attune more inwardly as another new cycle in our health begins, opening us up to new possibilities.

If you need reminding of the sacred power of your inherent feminine side, you might want to book an appointment to come into the Balanced Health Hut, and also, let nature be your guide.

This month, as we head towards Spring, and indeed the Spring Equinox on March 20th, we can see nature’s own feminine, fruitful time reemerging, outside our window. Flowers are starting to burst from their bulbs and there is a sense of new life all around us.

It’s the perfect time to pause and reflect in our own way and through natural therapies, take time to consider what we might want to create for ourselves and what our bodies are needing to feel more at ease, alive and in harmony.

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