12 Days of Christmas Wellness

As we enter December, it is so easy to forget to look after ourselves as we get caught up in all the expectations, so here are my 12 Days of Christmas Wellness to help you feel calm and in control ahead of Christmas Day.


Photo of lady in meditative post, with text 'breath, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7Day 1 Breathe

Calm the mind breath in for 7, breathe out for 7.

When we’re busy we often forget the basics, remind yourself to take time to just breathe.

Day 2 Let go of Perfect

When rushing around for the perfect present, the perfect dinner, we sometimes forget the important things, maybe the people we have with us is perfection enough… something won’t be as we quite imagined, let’s accept that and make our own perfect.

Day 3 Make it Simple

Avoid crowds by doing shopping online, delegate by asking someone to bring a dish, take the pressure off.

In Clinic I often treat people in a frenzy on the lead up to Christmas, let’s strip it back, plan for joy not surrendering to the idea it has to be hard work.

Day 4 Learn to say no to others and yes to you

Oh we must catch up before Christmas’ is a common phrase this time of year, we cram everything into a short space feeling exhausted at the thought of yet another night out when maybe meeting in January or February would be much more beneficial to all.

Image of bubble on ground Day 5 Respect boundaries including your own

So we have Great Auntie visiting who insists on helping out in the kitchen and telling you about her piles in the process. Plan to make these kinds of helpers busy outside of your space. Hold onto your sanity by listening to your boundaries. Visualise a protective bubble around you.


Day 6 Solar Plexus Point

Holding the centre of the palm of the hand while taking a breath allows us to breath deeper

Day 7 Use a Meditation App

I reminded many of you recently of the meditation app ‘Insight Timer’ it’s fabulous as you can listen to a guided meditation for the time you have available and tune into how you’re feeling. A great thing to do once your visitors have left.


Image showing the points on the forehead to touch.

You can touch these points with the thumb and finger.

Day 8 Brain Calming Kinesiology Point

Applying finger and thumb to the forehead, this allows the blood supply to come to the forefront of your mind allowing you to think clearer.

Day 9 Over indulged?

So we’ve had one too many mince pies, not to mention the Baileys and we’re feeling a little bloated and as we nibbled on the bread were also constipated.

Rub up and down the side of the quad (the thigh to me and you) this will tell your body to allow a release and let’s be prepared we know we going to be eating more than we usually do so take some digestive enzymes and build up the good bacteria before the naughties get into the gut with probiotics.

Image of hand holding a variety of dried herbsDay 10 Cold Remedies

Be prepared, someone is always full of cold over Christmas, so have all your favourite remedies to hand, my personal one and many of yours too is silver shield.

Day 11 Tapping

This is a great go to all year round, tapping at the side of your hand with an affirmation can help defuse the situation and bring control back into your moment ‘even though I dropped the turkey, i can let go of expectation and love myself just for being me’

This video on YouTube can guide you through how to make this technique work for you – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWvoNZezYZ8

Day 12 Bach Remedies

Rescue Remedy is a great go-to in times of stress, let’s be prepared again and take on the lead up to Christmas take 4 drops, 3 times a day.

I hope you find these top tips give you a relaxed and enjoyable Christmas.