Grounding, Earthing and Feeling Centred

Summer can be a busy time for some and taking time to ground and centre can be very restorative for both body and mind. I wanted to share some of the tips that I have been practising this summer. Firstly this is the most special place that I feel in touch with nature. Walking along a sandy still beach can be very healing.

For those who are parents and grandparents, I know you love spending time with the children over the summer break, and as much as we all love keeping them busy with those curious little minds around we can sometimes lose the window for ourselves. This can leave us feeling off centered and we start to feel a little off balance.

Restoring Balance after injury

The centering mechanisms in the body control our walking movements, our orientation in space, brain hemisphere and atlas. And funny enough in August I have had an intake of clients that have had falls and torn tendons. As we rush around we can easily become off centered.

To restore balance first of all we need to clear the injury from the memory of the cells, when this isn’t done we create a ‘weak spot’ this is when arthritis and recurrent injury can occur. Clearing the injury enables the body to release the trapped emotions, reduce inflammation and allow more flexibility in the body, many clients are amazed at the difference in their range of movement after this technique, flexibility usually is improved by 6-12 inches in a matter of minutes.

When we have a fall we can sometimes feel totally ungrounded, we sometimes discuss this in Clinic as ‘walking on clouds’ this can be connected with our atlas misalignment and our gait being off centered. In clinic we do a number of corrections within your treatment to realign these points and many of you notice at the end of your treatment how I hold opposite hands and feet, this is to help ground you after your session.

So what can you do at home to feel grounded and centered?

Walking barefoot – otherwise known as earthing, feeling nature on the soles of our feet can be very healing. Even a simple walk in the garden or along the beach can help us feel grounded.

Mediation – it is amazing how even 5 minutes pausing and focussing on your breath can make you feel. This short meditation has been a favourite of mine over the summer and amazing to enduce sleep:

Rebalance your own atlas – take two fingers under your ear on the left and three fingers above your ear on the right, hold these points at the same time and focus on the cervical spine. While we are relaxing we can sometimes time feel the tension release and neck reposition itself, swap sides by putting two fingers under your ear on the right and three fingers on the left, hold for as long as needed, enjoy this blissful adjustment.

Use a flower remedy – I often use the Bach Flower Remedy Oak and you can also visualise yourself as an oak tree for inner strength but know your limits!

Other signs of being off centered are:
  • Bumping into things
  • Tripping up your own feet
  • Feeling one leg longer than the other( maybe your gait needs to be realigned)
  • Feeling spacey or dizzy
  • Having trouble concentrating
If any of the above sounds like you after the summer break please by all means get in touch