How Much Are We In Control?

Whatever stage of life we are in, whatever time of year it is, there may be many things in our life that we are not in control of. The only thing we can control is how we respond to them.

So how do we respond better to things out of our control?

I was reminded of what I tell my clients in my recent mindfulness course, we can only control our actions towards something or someone – we have little power over what people do or what happens so why all the stress?Image of two people sitting on the shoreline - 'take time to just be...remember we are human BEings not human Doings!'

It’s usual as human doings to want to take control and forget to be human beings after all we live in our subconscious mind 97% of the time so why would we change the habits if a life time?

Cortisol levels in the body which feed our stress levels are spiked when our perception of stress is activated and Stress causes 85% of disease so let’s sort this one out…

Reflecting on events with less emotion may sometimes give us more clarity – now this is a hard one that I’ve been trying to put into place myself, but basically stepping back and realising that our perception is more often than not what causes stress and not reality at all – now that’s something we can control…

Here are 5 ways we can change our perception

  1. Using your breath to calm the sympathetic system – breathing slowly using your entire capacity of the lungs
  2. Tapping – we often use EFT in kinesiology sessions, this video can help you:[youtube]
  3. Nutrition- supporting the nervous system may allow you to be less reactive and allow you to think clearly
  4. Balance- allow Balance into your life .. plan for joy..have that bath, read that book, take that walk
  5. Be present – try to take a moment daily being present, this week I noticed the trees looking barer as we move from Autumn into Winter, be grateful for the little things that make you happy. Enjoy the simple things, having a cup of tea, having a cuddle, and my favourite spending time with a pet.

Changing our perception to life’s stresses may instil an inner calmness and strength.

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