The Two Most Important Supplements For Your Body

As you all know I’m passionate about empowering my clients to take responsibility for their own health and well-being and something that’s helpful to understand is ‘Why we need to support our diets with good quality food supplements?

So I’m going to take you through the two most important supplements that in your bodies opinion should be in everyone’s everyday nutrition

B’s and Omegas

Supporting your central nervous system and governing system in the body.

Ideally we would get what we need from food but most of us know that by the time food gets to our plates it has very little nutrition in it, hence we are left depleted and undernourished. Looking after our health and well-being involves more than just eating right these days, the body may function more effectively if we top up our nutrition with food supplements.

For example in order for us to get adequate Omegas in our diet we would need to eat mackerel 3 times a day every day and if you’re anything like me that’s just not a possibility!salmon-1238667_1920

As kinesiology works on the biochemistry feedback of your body we are incredibly lucky to take the guesswork out of what B’s and Omegas we need topping up on.

As I have been supported nutritionally for many years … in fact nearly 8 I decided to carry out an experiment to help the sceptics out there and help me understand how somebody without nutritional support feels.

So here goes …

Without B’s

Now into the 4th day and to be honest I’m just doing another order. Feel totally disconnected, day dreamy, hard to focus and all those that know me well know driving is not my best talent and I’ve got lost twice!

So I’ve managed to hold off for the whole 2 weeks and I can not wait to have B supplements in my life again.

I’m feeling slightly anxious, a bit shaky, not sleeping as well I usually do and all together a bit edgy.

Now as a practitioner I know exactly what happening my body is withdrawing into an unsupported version of my usual self, the parasympathetic nervous system is being compromised and this has a negative effect to my central nervous system which supports my brain hence I’m finding it hard to focus and normal activities are taking me longer to process.

When we feel stressed B vitamins are the first to be used up in the fight and flight mode!

I’m feeling thankful that I’m in a relaxing environment at a spa during this experiment, away from Clinic as I know I couldn’t possibly give my best to my clients without my B’s … are you giving your best to you and your daily life?

So what did I notice without Omegas?

I was peeing non stop, now a lot of people say that it’s all because of drinking too much water but I know that if we don’t take Omegas we don’t absorb the water we drink and just like a dehydrated plant it comes out the other end! Some of you may have noticed me rush to the loo after your sessions.

My hips started aching – now some of you know that I have osteoporosis which I’m happy to say that through kinesiology and exercise it is now osteopenia 🙂 Without oils the pain in my hip was waking me up, a nice reminder that we need to lubricate our joints from the inside.

Long term deficiency of Omegas may cause a blurry mind and cotton wool head which with the lack of B’s in my life too is very much correct.

I’ve also gained weight as yes Omegas help balance fluid retention and I’ve got a few looks in clinic … no I’m not pregnant- I just need Omegas back in my life 🙂

So there you have it, my experiment clearly highlighted the effects of not supplementing had on my body. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then get in touch, book an appointment and we can take a look at the supplements that may help support your body better.