Positive Ways to Improve Depression

Depression can be one of the hardest conditions to live with, as so much of the pain you are feeling is hidden inside. It is often easy to paste on a smile for others but what pain does that smile disguise ?

As Spring starts the lighter nights often bring happier emotions and many can find that their depression eases a little, but why is that…

  • Often the better weather means we are out outdoor more and sunlight is known to boost our serotonin levels
  • We are more active in Spring and Summer and exercise encourages the release of happy hormones
  • Our diets tend to improve as the weather improves and we eat lighter meals

natural-1225186_1920For others the change in seasons can bring stronger negative emotions which in Traditional Chinese medicine is believed to be due to Spring being a season for renewal. Like a plant unfolding from winter and getting ready to bloom so your body and mind are preparing to bloom which may make you feel more pressure building up. It is important to recognise this and make time to stop and watch what is happening as well as trusting there are brighter days ahead.

Take control

Acceptance – accepting how you feel is the first step to approaching depression.

Exercise – if you are feeling low try to go for a short walk – light exercise can quickly clear your mind, lifting your mood and allowing you to feel more grounded.

Create space – use this time to look at the things you have in your home, clear out items that you no longer need and make space in your home and mind.

Flush out toxins – take advantage of the fresh foods that are more widely available to focus on healthier eating patterns. Spring is a great time to do a cleanse and start eating clean. http://robertsontherapies.eu.nspshop.com/healthy_starter_programme

Keep hydrated – make sure you drink plenty of water and maybe add some lemon slices it’s a great way to support the liver, the organ related to Spring.

Talk – as hard as it can be talk to your friends and family and let them know how you are feeling.

Support- support in a therapy environment may provide you with structure and coping mechanisms to move forward.

I regularly see patients at ‘The Hut’ who are suffering from seasonal and clinical depression. Remember that taking small steps is all you need to start to move forward – keep focusing on the positives one step at a time.








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