Two Ways to combat Anxiety naturally

One of the many conditions I deal with in clinic is anxiety, most people have some level of anxiety, it’s just when the scale tips that things can spiral of of control.

The stomach is the seat of our emotions so if our gut is unsettled it is likely our minds will be at some stage too. You can help to reduce this by:blog image (1).jpg

If anyone has suffered from anxiety you’ll realise it’s no joke, the sweating hands, the knot in your stomach, the pure panic taking hold, the stress rising in your body. Anxiety can kick in for a number of different reasons, lack of confidence, lack of support, a past memory, worrying what the future will hold.

Luckily there are ways to combat anxiety naturally.


Reflexology is a very gentle way to approach the condition, by working on the feet we can encourage pathways in the body to work as they’re meant to.

Here’s what Stacey said

Reflexology has helped me so much through my anxiety. I am so thankful I meet such a wonderful reflexologist who has taught me so much.

Stacey has done amazingly well and I’d encourage you all to take a look at her page


In kinesiology we take the body that crucial step further, kinesiology-uses-of-treatmentusing muscle testing we discover where the imbalances may be in the body and also what can help put that right, for example taking a b Complex supplement may help reassure the nervous system allowing the brain to think more rationally when an anxiety attack may be looming. Everyone is individual so it is likely that nutritional programmes will be very individual too.

Kinesiology considers the mind, body and spirit. By approaching old thought patterns and introducing coping mechanisms you can feel empowered as you take control of your symptoms.

Here’s a testimony from Emma

My first Kinesiology treatment pin pointed why I came to have anxiety, I was shocked how my body told Siobhan my history. My mum has always suffered with anxiety so I thought I was pretty much stuck with it. Siobhan put me on a whole load of natural supplements and as I took them, I began to feel better, calmer and in control. Every session we discovered new things from my childhood that I hadn’t realised had effected how I felt as an adult. Siobhan incorporates ‘tapping’ into her kinesiology sessions and after each session I began to feel lighter. I’m happy to say after 4 sessions I control my anxiety and now look back at major changes in my life that I’ve mastered without feeling panicked. If you suffer from anxiety give it a go

If you would like to know more about either of these treatments then please get in contact with me via my website or leave me a comment below.

Stay Happy and Healthy


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