The Importance of Good Quality Supplements

Supplements are a great way to bring balance to your body, however choosing the right ones can be difficult.One of the best ways to determine which supplements are for you is with a kinesiology balance.

One mans vitamin C does zero for the next, your body may want to receive a supplement in different forms. So buying off the shelf is usually guess work and mainly because someone said they were taking them. Everyone is so individual so don’t be surprised if what your friends taking doesn’t work for you.

One thing we can all make sure of is that when choosing to supplement the source can be tracked and the content is good. Unfortunately some supplements are full of fillers with minimal nutritional content.

I have worked with a few different companies that source their supplements ethically – and whilst it would be great to get all these goodies from food we all know that realistically by the time food gets to our plates these days it has little goodies left hence we’d have to eat a hell of a lot to gain what we need and no way enough to rectify deficiencies.

Here are just a few of my top recommended products….


Amazing key product full of b’s for the nervous system, C’s for immune and camomile to help calm

I seriously wouldn’t be without this one, it tests up for so many clients.

One of my clients said ‘I’m completely irrational without it

Silver shield gelcat-image

Amazing for any skin problems from spots to irritating thrush. As most of you know I’ve been nursing my cat after a road accident for 8 months now … here he is after having his daily silver… nearly there brave boy!

Silver shield liquid

How very thankful I am for this one, the most fast effective natural antibiotic I have come across. The first sign of a sore throat and this stops bacteria in its tracks. A must for every household especially those with kiddies who like to share their lurgies.

Solstic Energy Drinks

Forget the sugary energy drinks where our sugar levels shoot up and yes off course they stoop down. Here’s a shot of natural goodies to keep your energy stabilised

Here’s a pic of my niece#notimeforjetlag



Help build up that good bacteria by adding 11 different goodies into the gut with ProB11

So important for immunity, gut brain health and of course pregnancy.

Healthy Starter Pack

Follow this easy 10 day cleanse.
Reboot the bowel, kidneys, liver and bladder

Feeling lethargic, want a fresh start, help your body work for you.

This is just a small amount supplements that may help support your body. Please do get in touch for any further nutritional advice that you require.