Feel Better, Feel Like You….only you can make the change

At the start of a new year we so often spend time looking at the negative things that have taken place in the previous year and focus on what we can change to avoid repeating those old patterns that cause us to feel unwell, anxious or make us feel guilty.


Whether it is dietary changes, wanting to have a better work life balance or just having more time for yourself – how many of you set New Year’s resolutions just to feel like a failure by the second week of January?

So why not look at things a different way….

  • What are the positives of the last year?
  • How did they make you feel?
  • What do you need to do to spend more time feeling that way?

Set yourself one thing each week that will make you feel happy – it can be something small or something big – but it should be something that will help you feel the way you felt during the most positive times of the last year.

By taking these small steps you are focusing your mind on the positives and not dwelling on the negatives – this will allow you to make changes in your life without even realising that you are making them.

By focusing on positives you will begin to change the way your mind works, negatives will be become less prominent and you feel as though are you achieving those goals without even trying.

So take a look at these top tips to be more positive each day and start 2017 with a new you

  1. Smile at a stranger
  2. Start a journal to record the positives each day – try to list at least 3
  3. Replace one caffeinated drink with a glass of water
  4. Review your diet and have a plant based meal in place of a meat based meal
  5. Instead of slouching on the sofa go for a walk and explore the environment around you more
  6. Read a book you have been meaning to read
  7. Book a treatment at the Balanced Health Hut just for you
  8. Meditate
  9. Take up a new hobby
  10. Focus on the moment you are in
  11. Reduce your time on social media
  12. Pick up the phone more to reconnect with friends

Through kinesiology we can work with the subconscious mind in a very powerful way to clear blockages of old behaviour, so if you’re struggling to make those all important changes, come along to the Balanced Health Hut where we can balance the body and give you coping techniques to help.

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