What can you do to help improve your fertility?

Here at the Balanced Health Hut we work together to ensure the best possible outcome in trying to conceive. Everybody is individual and everybody’s journey into parenthood will be a very personal experience. Trying for a baby should be such an exciting time in your life as 2 become 3 or even 4, but unfortunately for some fertility issues can get in the way.

As a qualified Kinesiologist and Reflexologist I have worked with many couples who have had such positive outcomes and I’m honoured to meet their tiny new arrivals and have their pictures safely in the reception of ‘The Hut’

So what can you do to help improve your fertility?

First of all we need to look at both partners diet.

If the body is deficient in specific nutrients the reproductive system may struggle to do its job. It’s really so much easier if both partners are on board with the pre-conception treatment plan, it’s not always necessary for the male partner to have treatments but it helps.

For men…

There are ways the guys out there can help this process along a little

  • by ensuring zinc and protein in their diet,
  • give up smoking,
  • reduce alcohol
  • and a major one that most men forget is not to keep their mobile in their pocket. Good quality sperm needs a cool environment.

For women…

Taking a prenatal supplement with a high dosage of folic acid is recommended my favourite is natures prenatal

For both of you…

  • fruitEnsuring you’re eating the correct foods for your body individually
  • take the pressure off your body and allow it to focus on what you need it to do ie Making Babies
  • Include foods packed with B vitamins, folic acid and vitamin C in your diet such as tomatoes, almonds, bananas, asparagus, oranges

Managing Stress Levels

Trying to conceive can be a stressful time for couples and it’s imperative to keep stress levels to a minimum. When the body is stressed again the reproductive system is compromised.

reflexology points

Reflexology is not only extremely relaxing it works with your body to stimulate your reproductive system. Get your partner to rub these points on your feet as they’re so relevant when trying for a baby and off course you deserve the put your feet up


At the Balanced Health Hut we create an individual program working with your natural cycle. Through Kinesiology we ensure that your body has the correct nutrients available to balance your whole being including the reproductive system We work through any emotional blockages, fears and old beliefs that are no longer needed allowing space for little one to come along.

This is just a few of the things our clients have said…

Thank you so much for helping us make our dream come true

There aren’t enough words to thank you for your truly amazing support and love my angel.

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